Euroclass A2 ACP Line Is Launching
Core Material

Aluminum Composited Panel (ACP) has been utilized in exterior cladding, interior wall, signage board and other purposes for many years because of excellent flatness, high rigidity, lightweight and easy fabrication, when civil engineering improved further these years, buildings are higher and higher which prettify skyline of the modern cities.

On the contrary, scene of conflagration also intense and uncontrolled and valuable life been taken due to traditional Aluminum Composited Panel (ACP) made of combustible material (LDPE), to enhance safety of building, most countries have legislated Fire Retardant A2, B1 class (DIN 4102 or EN-135g01-1:2007) be mandatory requirements for exterior wall applications and will practice the law sooner or later.

The main ingredient of the core material does not allow the diffusion of flame and restricts the development of smoke harmful to evacuation activities.

The most advantage of Alumax A2 ACP line is for core material cost saving compare to core coil type; it saves millions US dollars per year with Alumax A2 line and no worry if core coil suppliers raise the price, all cost of A2 core is controlled by user, so, your production cost is advantaged than your competitors.

Equipment Supplier

Be a professional Aluminum Composited Panel (ACP) equipment supplier, Alumax is aware of how important to satisfy diversity of market demand and provide competitive equipments to each customer, hence Alumax is proud to launch state-of-the-art design for A2 Aluminum Composited Panel (ACP)ACP line to satisfy all customers in diversified aspect demand.

The A2 grade ACP line is continuous process Thermoplastic Extruder type to cope with high content of non-combustible mineral filled core material, the core thickness is 3mm, panel width is 1250mm and 1500mm or on request. The panel made by A2 line is passing most of mandatory requirements for exterior wall application in accordance with following Fire Classification.

Fire Classification
Country Test Standard Classification
EU EN 13501-1:2007 Class A2, s1, d0
Germany EN 1187(Method 1)/ DIN 4102 Part 1 Class A2
France NF P 92-501 Class M0, non combustible
Great Britain /
England /
Wales /
BS 6853 meets requirements of LUL
limited combustible
non combustible
Scandinavia DS 1085-1 Class A
Switzerland VKF Class 6q.3
Russia GOST 30244-94
GOST 30402-95
GOST 12.1.044-89
GOST 12.1.044-89
GOST 31251-03
G1 (combustibility)
W1 (flammability)
D1 (smoke emission)
T1 (smoke flammability)

For more details of A2 grade Aluminum Composited Panel (ACP) Line, please contact us.

Flow Line
A2 Core Materials
Auto Loading
I.R. Heating
Core Casting
Adhesive Films
  • Top Side

    Aluminm Coated Coil

  • Reverse Side

    Aluminm Cleaned Coil or Aluminum Coated Coils

Leveling & Protective Film Laminating
Side Trimming Machine
Take Off
Cut To Length
Finish Product (A2 A.C.P)